Butcher of the Balkans: The Musical

The arrest of Ratko Mladic has got a lot of people talking. And now even the movie critics can get in on it. According to The Telegraph it was all a set-up. Forget about Jersey Shore or Jeremy Kyle. This is the next reality show. His capture was a scene right out of the annals of Jerry Bruckheimer. And if the trials of Slobodan Milosevic are anything to go by this could beat COPS as the longest running reality show. The next act in this blockbuster, Invasion of The Hague. To temper the golden globe fever, Mladic told his supporter he doesn’t want to make a scene. This because the nationalistic Serbian Radical Party was planning on staging protests in Belgrade. Doesn’t want to make a scene? Ratko maybe you should have thought of that before your started burning down villages, shooting children in front of their mothers and masterminding mass genocide (the charges). We have an idea all this does add up to creating quite a spectacle. And does the EU have a role in this whole story? They sure do. They get to flirt with the ‘new’ Serbia.


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