Kung Fu Waitress

Take that punk. Super waitress is out in Wellington. A sweet small 18-year-old waitress turned into quite the ninja on Saturday night. While walking home from work she got attacked by an old, tubby Batman and his olive skinned, oil haired Robin. These heroes found in the girl an easy target. Oh how wrong that idea was. Our true hero dug in her 7 years of karate experience and came at them with a well placed Uchi Waza, backed with a powerful Tsuki Waza and then a fast Nigeru. “Elbowed him in the chest and stomped on his foot…attacked by a second male…she punched him in the stomach.” Even after falling to the ground “She kicked out at him and then managed to get to her feet and run away.”  (learn for yourself). Whatever these guys were after, her handbag or body, we need to get them off the street. Help the thin blue line:

Were you near Taranaki Street/Vivian Street on Saturday 6.15am and saw this lovely couple,

– 30-year-old, light skinned male, about 1.70-1.75m tall and “on the tubby side rather than muscular”. Wearing a smoky-green hoodie with a cream-coloured logo, baggy dark-blue jeans, and had close-cropped, slightly balding black hair, with stubble on his face.

– 35-year-old olive skinned man, tall and skinny with long, dark, oily hair down to his shoulders, and a moustache and beard. Wearing a black zip-up jacket and jeans, and woollen gloves.

Call now: Wellington CIB on (04) 381 2000 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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