Prison FAIL

You gotta love modern technology. Does the computer really make live easier? Or safer is a question they’re asking themselves in California at the moment. Computer system errors accidentally released more than 450 inmates with “a high risk of violence” from California prisons. Here you are jerking off over some half naked pic from your only prisoner pen pal, while on a life sentence for stabbing that bitch because your dinner was cold. Suddenly your cell door opens and you’re free to go. Freedom. Back to the hunt. Back into society. Oops. Yeah. Uhm. It was the computers fault. Better call in those Navy Seals again. Oh maybe not. Officials aren’t even attempting to return any of them back to prison. That’s overcrowding jails for ya. The prisoners were accidentally placed on ‘non-revocable parole’. Kinda bye bye and never want to see you again. Non-revocable parole is a program originally created to combat the overcrowding of prisons by releasing inmates with a low risk of reoffending. So our rapists, gang members and murderers don’t really qualify. Apparently the system can’t information about disciplinary history, which is one of the criteria. But who cares. Although guards have adressed some of the errors they still can’t access the records needed. So system fucked, community fucked. Sleep tight.

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