Beautiful? Stoned!

So while most of Europe is fighting the E.coli terror, inhabitants of a Ukrainian village in the Crimea region had other issues. Apparently the smile on the young womens face you see above was been brutally erased in the name of Islam. The girl is 19-year-old Katya Koren. She had the outrageous idea of competing in something like the Ukraines Next Top Model. Even though she came in seventh, she still had the courage to dress in fashionable clothes. Of course this was unacceptable for the local Allah worshippers. One of three men arrested, 16-year-old Bihal Gaziev, said Katya had ‘violated the laws of Sharia‘. Oh thats right. Those ridiculous set of rules which allow men to rule their wives with iron fists, eye-for-an-eye revenge, execution of gays, Jihad and the most crazy one to us, whipping for anyone wanting to enjoy an ice cold brewski. And to honor Katya, we pronounce her today’s posthumous Miss Kiwi Simplexity.

Update: Ukrainian authorities have stated that Katya is a christian with Russian background. Her killer is a classmate with a psychiatric history and converted to Christianity. No Sharia or other ethnic reason here.


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