We don’t see the difference

We dare you to find any difference between the two rulers above. Two dictators influencing the world. Libya at war with NATO and we all know football is war. Col Muammar M. al-Gaddafi has vowed never to leave Libya and Joseph S. Blatter is confident to be re-elected to stay the top dog at the FIFA. Sure Sepp still has a few years to go to make it to the 42 years “The Brother Leader” has been in power. It’s one thing to use your power to destroy the lives of your own citizens, but to break down everything good in the traditions of the biggest sport in the world is just evil. Maybe we should ask NATO to strike a few compounds in Zurich, Switzerland. Maybe we should ask Dr Liam Fox for any good tactics to take out just the head of this poisonous snake. We remember a time when it didn’t matter what kind of advertising was around a football game, players wore the tightest shirt in their closet without a sponsor, it was an honor to play on the international platform and it wasn’t all about the money, tickets were affordable to anyone and talks were about the beauty of the game and not about corruption, bribes and favoritism. Even Libya has times when it is a beautiful country. Let’s hope both these idiots get kicked out of their seats (dead or alive) and the sport and country can return to the people that love them. Come on Coca-Cola and Adidas stop sponsoring a corrupt football leadership and stamp your logos onto NATO airplanes and ships. A real investment to the future.

Update: Surprise, surprise. Another 4 years of Blatter dictatorship. 186 of the 206 joined countries voted for him. The other either invalid or blank.

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