Christian jail bitches

Finally some wise words coming out of the church corner? About crime and naughty people. Do they want to send them all with a one way ticket to hell right away? Or are they re-introducing hanging on the cross? Ok maybe not. They want to keep people out of prison. Don’t we all. Put is it really better to have them stuck in a Jesus cult? First thing the Anglican church leaders in New Zealand want is something any respectable political party can come up with. Cause yes this is what we need even more of. A commission. And what is this commission supposed to do? They have to investigate the country’s criminal justice system. Because it is too strict. It puts too many bad people in jail. It costs money. Ok that last one we agree with. But how about we put them back on bread and water instead. Our dear Jesus didn’t get any privileges. Well Deputy Prime Minister Bill English thinks that “prisons are a fiscal and moral failure”. Nobody has come up with a good or “innovative” alternative to prison. This is what the New Zealand Church Leaders think. All we need is to go back to the good old days. Death penalties, constructing license plates and of course deportation. You Aussies better watch out again. How we compare in prison population here.


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