No brains left

The current crop of youths in New Zealand today enjoys more access to knowledge and culture than ever before. A lot of time and energy is placed in providing high level public libraries, museums, galleries, historical sites, and after-school programs. Knowledge is everywhere. The internet provides instant access to facts, dates, art works, old books and magazines, daily newspapers around the world and we will even count Wikipedia. Even with all the access to knowledge and the many techno-enhancements the current generation has experienced, it seems like the students today have produced so little intellectual progress compared their ancient counterparts. With school and university budgets being tight and student writing in a critical condition, we will have to see more accountability in the initiatives and more hard skepticism to the plans but forward by our political leaders. Get students off of Facebook and back into real books. Even Obama agrees. The current editions of QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings show New Zealand universities slipping out of the top listings. Only Auckland University features on the Reputation Rankings, coming in at 145. The University of Otago is 135th, continuing a slide which in 2005 had it at 79th. So all you dumb asses get cracking next exam period and get us back up on top. Lets show Cambridge what we’re made of.


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