Big Bird Danger

Another great topic by Fox News. Try to look past the annoying voice of the guy next to the presenter, he comes up with even better reasons to punch him in the face. They warn us the hollywood industry (read Sesame Street) is too liberal, immoral & discriminates against conservatives according Ben Shapiro (author of “Primetime Propaganda”), Ken Blackwell (former Ohio Secretary Of State), Kirsten Haglund (Miss America 2008) & Sean Hannity. Yes our furry little friends are a danger to society. And that big bird costume isn’t fooling anyone. We know Goran Hadžić is inside (the last remaining fugitive of the Yugoslav wars). Of course we didn’t need Fox to show us about the dangers out there. The Muppets do themselves. Any solution to the Sesame vulgarities? ABC came up with this.


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  1. Harveen (Baby)

    Hey! Great reporting! Fox news just know exactly how to entertain us-always!

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