DCC parking officer bumper car

We all hate them. We all just want to run them over or … . And sometimes that happens. First they choose a job to make other people’s lives miserable, vandalize our cars with their damn chalk and now one of DCC’s finest has got the guts to use his scooter “as a bulldozer”. On the receiving end of parking warden Greg Watt’s murder weapon was Dunedin man Greg Jordan. So according to the local Otago Daily Times this is what happened: ‘The altercation began after Mr Jordan’s vehicle was chalked, then ticketed, for for being parked over a driveway outside his workplace at Atmos Engineering, in Halsey St. Mr Jordan believed he had council permission to park there. Mr Jordan was on the telephone to another council staff member – after noticing the chalk mark on his tyre – when Mr Watt returned and issued the parking infringement notice’. So Mr Jordan friendly yet firmly requests Gestapo Watt to reconsider his actions. This of course was unacceptable for the grandson of Mussolini. ODT: ‘He said Mr Watt threatened him with an assault prosecution, mounted the scooter and “took off”, striking Mr Jordan’. And the other side of the story? Mr Watt felt threatened. Yes, by the bombphone being handed over to him. Maybe it was because of his traumatic experience. ‘Parking officers had the right to use their scooters to knock someone out of the way if they felt threatened, and if their passage was obstructed’ by Council parking services team leader Daphne Griffen in ODT.

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