What was he thinking?

The TVNZ man of honesty says he’s not sorry about what he has said in the past and is currently promoting his new book, What was I thinking. The Sunday Star Times published a word association game, Paul Henry talks of the New Zealand Herald “arseholes”, Telecom “bastards”, “problematic” Maori, and the “weak” Broadcasting Standards Authority. You cheeky man. You have to love his “poor judgement, if anything at all”. Why do people care about what he says anyway? He was a co-presenter on TVNZ Breakfast. Who the hell watches that? Well ratings did go up to around 150,000 viewers after Henry arrived. What is bad about comments like ‘choose someone who was “more like a New Zealander” for the next Governor General’  (to PM John Key about Governor General Sir Anand), “retard” singer Susan Boyle (Henry said he has always used that word to describe people with special needs) or laughing at Indian minister Sheila Dikshit her name. Freedom of expression people. So now that Henry is off our screens we have to turn to Sky Sports Murray Deaker. He isn’t afraid the use the ‘N’ word (that’s NIGGER for you politically correct cunts). By the way all he’s saying is the color black. So we say, all you pakeha hori bong gook gringo wog goth nazi cascos, ban TVNZ breakfast tv and dare to tune into the people who dare to say it like it is. (Get some inspiration here). Other alternative BBC Radio 4.

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