Internet a Human Right

Come on human rights activists. Get out the shackles and start chaining yourself to everything that is the Copyright Tribunal. They’re as illegal as child soldiers and the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. And let’s throw in the ISP’s since they’re supporting the illegal actions in the new three strikes policy for P2P downloaders. United Nations Human Rights Council has released a new report on the state of online free speech around the world. New Zealand is coming close to the violations acted out by oppressive regimes like China and Iran. Frank La Rue, freedom warrior / UN special rapporteur, says cutting off Internet access for copyright infringement is “disproportionate and thus a violation of article 19, paragraph 3, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”. Damn right it is. So ‘The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act’ can be off to the trash. Besides stating that internet access is a Human Right!, another important point made in the report is that everyone should be able to post anonymously online. Good for the freedom of expression. So UN start writing up a new resolution for sanctions against the NZ Government. You’ll have most of the kiwi’s backing you.


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