BREAKING NEWS – Meeting of the World’s Elite

Unfortunately this breaking news won’t make it to the mainstream media. No airtime on CNN. No publication in national newspapers. No invasion of satellite vans for minute-by-minute coverage. So what’s happening? Why the deafening silence around a meeting of the world’s most important and influential people? It seems the people who rule the world aren’t interested in what the common folk have to say. Nor do they want to show responsibility for the nonsense, violent and destructive policies in place all over the world. All they want is to come to a New World Order where they have complete control over the sheep unable to think for themselves. Can we fight it? Probably not. So get ready for the chip implants, world currency, single world government and who knows, maybe alien invasions. Follow the latest on the 2011 Bilderberg Conference held in St. Moritz, Switzerland from 9-12 June. Participation list 2010 (included: Henry Kissinger (Bigwig US businessman), Queen Beatrix (Dutch Royal), Robert B. Zoellick (World Bank president), José Manuel Barroso (head EU Commision), Bill Gates (Chairman Microsoft), Donald E. Graham (Board of Directors Facebook), etc etc. Stay up to date HERE & HERE. ‘Official website‘. Anti-facebook page. Wiki.


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