Ethnicity reason for child abuse

It’s official. The majority of 503 New Zealanders in a Research New Zealand survey say it is. The cause of child abuse is ethnically based. Of course parental experience and economic factors also come into play, the real reason is the color of your skin. Maori bad. Pakeha good. Especially those aged 55 or over and receiving an annual income of $80,000 or more are way good. Since this result is so not PC it has Anthea Simcock jumping on the tables. Simcock did not agree with the survey results, but was not surprised by them. Neither were we. According to the Sunday Star Times on average, one child is killed every five weeks in New Zealand, with most being less than a year old. Like this we will never make it past the 5 million. So the official reasons why mom and dad choose to show little Hone (or James) all corners of the room are parents’ backgrounds, the environmental situation and the attributes of the child itself. The Ngaruawahia nark, Cherie Sweeney, was very sad that the majority of babies who die from child abuse were Maori children.


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