Aaron’s swaffel Inc.

What do you do if you live in the States and you just got a half hard cock knocked in your face? That’s right you sue. And with sexual harassment high on the current agenda you can make $95 million USD. This is what Ashley Alford from St. Louis did and got. The store manager from her old work place humiliating and degraded her. He, Richard Moore, apparently removed his genitals from his pants and then hit her top of the head with his penis. In Dutch this is called swaffelen (from the Belgian slang for swerving back and forth while drunk). The act got famous when some kids got in trouble for smacking their dicks against the Taj Mahal (the video here). Obviously the idea is much older than the word. Was it Dr. Dre who said back in 1987: “This bitch is tryin’ to gank me! I’ll slap you upside yo’ head with 9 inches of limp dick”. Anyway, the company Ashley worked for, Aaron’s Inc., has to pay up because of something about knowing or should have knowledge bla bla take steps to prevent bla bla. Read about it all on Reuters. Video report FOX.

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