Animal testing on human animals

Hal Herzogs is one of those professors who really make a contribution to society. An obsession that started with his disturbing experiences as a postdoc has him wondering about the relationship between man and animal. In his book he describes it as a complete insane relationship. People love cats and feed them can food made of other animals. Yes we love man’s best friend but look the other way when they get breed until they only produce sick monsters. Why is it that everyone is against animal testing, on any animal, but still we all want the newest and best medicines. And don’t forget about the poison we scatter around the house against the rats and mice. We say let’s start testing on convicted murderers and rapists. Is that morally acceptable? How about the mentally handicapped or babies born without cerebral cortex? We turn animals into humans. We dress them and give them nice places to sleep because we think they have a spirit and feelings. But we also kill them, eat them and torture them. Where do we draw the line. According to Peter Singer, author Animal Liberation (1975), under the orang otangs. 3000 human lives lost on 9/11 weigh heavier than the 38 million chickens slaughtered that same day. We say start lining up the guys on death row.

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