Dark side of the iCloud

Ever since we threw our whole lives onto the internet the wheels on the electricity meter have only started spinning faster and faster. Are we destroying our world with our Tweets, Facebook updates and our endless YouTubing? Lady Gaga is the most followed person on Twitter. When 10 million followers went crazy over her Tweet ‘I like bitter dark chocolate desserts’ they released as much CO2 as a normal car driving 3.343.644 km. According to Harvard scholar Alex Wissner-Gross two queries on Google produce a CO2 level equal to boiling water in an electric boiler (so 7grams per query). And don’t get us started on the monthly strain on the environment by Facebook and the 690 million pageviews, and 100 millions new pictures a day. All the bits and bytes go through datacenters. And Greenpeace has released a report ‘How dirty is your data?’ about the fact that most of these datacenters run on old, filthy energy. One of the dirtiest companies, Apple (54,5% of its centres run on coalenergy). It’s newest datacenter for the new iCloud in North Carolina is no different. HP is working on a solution, cowshit. Just one problem, for a half decent size datacenter they would need 10.000 cows. If only we could use sheep.


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