Dunedin Triad takes up arms

They are known for their ruthless manners of dealing with anyone who gets in their way. Of course we are uncertain if the 10 O’Clock Dairy owner in South Dunedin, Ge Song, is part of the well-armed Triad organization, we do know he has the protection of some fearsome weaponry. Being the scene of 5 robbery attempts in the past four years, his super-soaker watergun and large stick have always scared off the robbers. Good on ya mate. His dairy was the victim of a robbery attempt on Monday, but he got the suspect out without having to pull out the big guns. The robber was later arrested and so were two others. A 19-year-old cleaner is also charged with the robberies last week. So how do we make our streets and shops safer? We don’t need to arm our police with firearms or tasers. All we need is to provide all shop owners with their very own Power Drencher.

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