Tough cops. Uhm NOT

The police are someone you can trust. They help and protect us. They’re tough and up to any challenge. Well that great image is shattered. While the whole of Christchurch is working hard to keep it together and look at the men and women in blue to support them, the cops are afraid themselves. Oeh we work in such a big flash building. After last Monday: “people were crying and they felt like they were trapped … the lifts weren’t working and it was dark”. Maybe we should only have police patrols during the day if they’re afraid of the dark. So is the fear they hold behind their badge based on anything? Well the building has no new structural damage or anything. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of looters while they’re crawled away under their desks in the fetal position. What do you guys on the corner of Hereford St and Cambridge Tce say about getting the student army to take over your jobs? That way you can all go home to mommy and look over the classifieds with a hot cup of cocoa. One officer told The Press plaster and concrete were hanging off the walls inside. However, he said his bosses would not risk the lives of a couple of hundred staff, adding: “If it wasn’t safe, why would they let us in there?” At least one with a spine.


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