Captain Cook to turn in his grave

One might go wrong with sexual acts and some might fled to drugs to deal with their problems, but luckily Captain Cook Tavern still go for the old Dunedin favorite of alcohol. It’s not just the patrons that are encouraged to order jugs of the god sent beverage, it’s also staff and prospective staff members. They don’t do things the normal way at the Cook. No job interviews in suits and uncomfortable seating across a desk. If you walk in to be interviewed for a position at the Cook you have be wasted or get wasted. A game of beer-pong is part of the process. Seems fun to you? Well not to Kevin Mechen of the Dunedin District Liquor Licensing Agency. He wasn’t amused and his organization is looking into the situation. I’m sure a few dollars under the table will make this all go away and another round at cook anyone? According to the unnamed informant of DScene newspaper staff “were sculling jugs. They were spewing up and power chucking everywhere.” Sadly owner Richard McLeod declined to comment. Probably still sleeping off his hangover.


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