That will be €7,500 Mr. Stride

Luckily the OUSA is not by any means a Catholic institution. They probably won’t even fit through the same door. And that is a hell of good thing for Daniel Stride. If he was a man of the cloth he would have been €7,500 ($13,230 NZD) lighter. But in the NZ law system fondling a ladies breasts is merely a diversion. Daniel John Stride is an executive member (Finance and Services Officer) of the Otago University Students’ Association. A well respected job (in the region). A bit less respectable were his actions at a party about a month ago. The man who had fun as Acting-Acting-President of OUSA had a bit too many tries at beer-pong and got a liking in a sweet girl already suffering from anxiety and depression. A great victim for a person supposed to look after the interests of students. He was more interested in her breasts than engaging in honest and high level conversation. We should have seen this coming after his weird incident with a Critic reporter. The latest incident became public after blogger James Meager posted a blog about the incident. He has gotten some mean responses but that is normal when someone comes out with a hard to face truth. Good on ya James. If it is big people politics in Wellington or New York or the wannabes on a student level, they don’t like to be confronted with their own deviant behavior. Lying and manipulating is the way to go. At least the rest of the OUSA cast last night voted him off having no confidence in him and calling for Daniel’s immediate resignation. We don’t know the motivations behind his actions. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t touched a women’s breast ever since his mom slapped him off of hers. Is it because no girl will even look at him because of those weasel eyes. Maybe it his affiliation with the Labour Party. Help us try to find out why he is such a perv and ask him on his Facebook.


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