Sluts parade

All sluts unite. Saturday is the day of New Zealands first SlutWalks. Because a Canadian cop once said that women dressing provocatively are themselves to blame if they get raped. So what do you do as humorless feminist? You protest by dressing even more provocatively and parading around town. That’s how sluts fuck the system. So want to get in on some boobs & butts be at the Waitangi Park in Wellington or Queen St Auckland at 2pm. We wonder if the New Zealand chicks can class this worldwide phenomena up. That is probably to far fetched. We will have to look at the ’70s and ‘80s survivors of the Take Back the Night rallies. They really knew the severity of the crime they were protesting and not turning it into an amusing spectacle. At least we have to admit the pinch-mouthed feminist have gotten a bit more sense of humor. The boring facts can even be presented in a funny chart from Trainbust. Sluts get in line and start marching.


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