What is it?

No the picture is not a secret Syrian military compound, it’s also not the first proof of Saddams nuclear program. The images are out of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest depicting the whereabouts of an untouched tribe. The Brazilian government’s national Indian foundation Funai, said they won’t make contact with them. No let them live their lives without worrying about the next slutwalk, winner of the Te Tai Tokerau by-election or the Greek debt. Peru has long denied the existence of tribes in the region because of illegal logging by oil giants and the profits for the country. It seems again that the corporate world is too blame for the extinction of an unique aspect of our world. It also shows that the Brazilian government is finally showing some respects to the native inhabitants of the land after choosing against them not too long ago. The tribe is said to be one of 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide, most of them in Brazil and Peru. Isn’t it great that in a world where everything has been explained, categorized and science has an answer for, there are still mysteries. Still unexplored regions and people. Although it must be more interesting reality tv than Jersey Shore if we were to be live witnesses to the first contact with these people, it is a noble idea from the Brazilians to just let them be. Mysteries and the unknown make our world interesting and worth living. In the western world we have been infected with the idea we can’t live without modern technology and 21st century products. The tribesmen show us there is still room for a simple life, even today. Leave their rainforest alone. For their and our sake. More images and video.


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