Watch out for everything


The tobacco companies must be getting worried again. In the great US of A they recently developed new warning labels for cigarette packs. Of course we will soon see these most disgusting images in the local New Zealand diaries too. And some are really gross. Do smokers these day really don’t know yet how they’re fucking up their babyseeds and will die young from a coughing overdose. Why these hypocritical labels on cigarettes only. Everything is a hazard. Make McDonalds depict a flubby fatass on their placemats. Add a sticker to your driving license with a picture of an open skull fracture after you head budded the windshield. Don’t we need a tattoo on the lower back of all the smalltown sluts warning for the higher risk men will have to get an infected dripping cock. Instead of safety videos in airplanes we need episodes of Air Crash Investigation. Every priests hat should warn for the possibility that he may contain traces of pedophilia. Alert the viewer of every Paul Henry show about upcoming politically incorrect statements. Come on start printing and warn about everything. If not don’t bother at all. Source.

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