Sorry. жао.

The Serbian state broadcaster RTS has apologized for propaganda during the Milosevic years. Will it be a example for other media to follow? 20 years  ago RTS was the only channel with national coverage. They promoted the ideas from the government talking about the fascist Croats and Muslim fanatics who were only after the fall of Yugoslavia. The media were creating the environment for a civil war in Kosovo. In 1999, when Serbia was being bombed by NATO, they showed ads where the face of former President Bill Clinton turned into that of Adolf Hitler, the NATO logo into the Nazi symbol and Madeleine Albrights head fit on a SS-poster under a German helmet. Recently RTS officials apologized for all this and their clear subjectiveness to the regime. A real sorry. Now they’re committed to promoting ‘the rule of law, social justice, democracy, human rights, minority rights and freedoms’. Controversial Serbian journalist Ljiljana Smajlov commented: ‘That is why I have little enthusiasm for this politically correct apology, so clearly calculated to win easy points abroad for Serbia and its government’. Although she might be right that an apology so long after the fall of the regime is hardly admirable, it is a start for media taking responsibility for their actions as instruments for corrupt governments. How about a sorry from the Iranian media for calling the French Presidents wife, Carla Bruni, a whore. This because she defended Iranian Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who was sentenced to death by stoning for infidelity and conspiracy against her husband. What is sorry in Chinese? One of the recent things they should apologize for is censoring the inauguration speech by President Barack Obama in 2009. They aired the speech with a delay and cut to the studio when Obama mentioned Communism and deleted the sentence: ‘To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history’. So how are things back here? Sure we don’t have the kind of state media and propaganda like abroad, but they are used by politicians as instruments to bring across their messages. If you scream loud enough you get your airtime and can change the public opinion because it seems that journalists just aren’t questioning them enough like they should.


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