Stormy weather in Arab Spring

Spring is a time of refreshing smells and young vibrant green. It was supposed to be a time to look forward and hope. But it isn’t spring in the Arabian world. There is unrest and suppression. And it’s still going on. Last winter Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia. This desperate act sparked the stream of revolutions which soon got the name Arab Spring. Tunisian, Egyptians, Yemenis etc started their uprisings against their dictators. Finally they decided their own destiny and everthing would be better. Half a year on and it seems the spring they dreamed of never came. Freedom House’s Freedom in the World survey rates the level of political rights and civil liberties in the world. Based on these ratings, countries are divided into three categories: Free, Partly Free, and Not Free. Even now the Middle East and North Africa region has only one free, three partly free and the rest not free countries. A stormy forecast is set to hover over the region for a while.

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