Auckland-Singapore with Jetpee

There you are in your luxury seat on a shiny Jetstar plane paid for with your hard earned dough. On your way to the Singaporean sunshine and enjoying a movie on your laptop. Near to you a sophisticated lady with her beautiful scarf. Suddenly the sound of a stream of water and the smell of urine. You look up and in the aisle you see a drunk, half-sleeping Kiwi pissing all over the place. Of course this was not a sight anyone on the plane was wanting while in holiday mode so they snapped the above pic. We say hello to whiskey-soaked Michael Aitken, son of Silver Fern coach Ruth Aitken. “He’s deeply sorry if he offended anyone and he is just beside himself because he can’t remember.” Can’t remember cause he was pissed himself. Not the first time according to his proud mom. The victim, Zhe Ma, had to throw out his laptop bag and jacket and Jetstar offered him an apology and a travel voucher valued at $NZ500. But nothing he could use during the rest of the flight. The great advantages of a budget airline.

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