Justice! McDonald’s attacker gets 3 years

And we have a verdict. The 23-year-old Christchurch man Matthew Bryce Larson was before the High Court in Dunedin for the manslaughter of Stephen Francis Radnoty (51). Facebook tribute here. Refresh your memory about this shocking case of senseless violence with the story and video. Crown prosecutors Robin Bates and Richard Smith asked a sentence of four years or more be imposed for the unprovoked single blow to the head inside the George St McDonald’s Family restaurant on March 12. Killer Matthew had 26 previous convictions since 2003 and this incident wasn’t his first assault. He assaulted a female and had several drink driving convictions. He had been released from prison a few months before the incident and was serving a community work sentence. Also in this case alcohol was involved and fuelled the stupidity that caused the death of an innocent man. So what happened in court today? We heard Justice Lester Chisholm state Mr Radnoty’s death had left a partner without a future, a mother without a son, sisters without a brother and children without an uncle. Verdict: 3 years prison. Larson’s act was driven by “alcohol abuse coupled with arrogance” had effectively destroyed two families. So there you have it. After all the commotion about senseless violence in Dunedin en the national attention given to this and other attacks, this was the result. Are your feelings of revenge satisfied or are you missing a few years in the verdict? Nothing can be done and this is what we will have to deal with.

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