Animalfreaks of the week

The world is constantly introduced to new species. Recently discovered species are either weird, special or just freakin scary. First off the new donkey-zebra crossover, the zonkey. It’s a Chinese invention by letting two known species exchange fluids. So this new creation now jumps around happily in the Xiamen Haicang zoo. Cute. Something maybe a bit less cute is a snake with two heads. Yep that means double the teeth and double the poison. In nature a two-headed snake has little chance but in the Dutch Oiemeulen zoo in Tilburg they will make it to adulthood. The last animal on our list today are worms. Not just those little squiggly ones but ones that make you run. Run far far away. They’re a few millimeters in size, but have a mouth full of teeth. They get into your stomach by eating a fish orso. Then they start eating you from the inside. They eat your intestines and tissue all the way to the surface. They make it to your brain of course after they had a taste of your eyeballs. They can live in your body for up to 15 years, that is if you can live with the aches, fever, bumps and constant gagging. Our two first creatures might be far away but the killer parasites are closer than you might think. First Asia and now they ate a lovely Australian couple. You might be next. Sleep tight.

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