“Not going to make anyone think twice.”

Like we reported earlier, a few months ago the 51-year-old Steve Radnoty was punched to death. Evidently he was in line at the George St McDonalds when he was blindsided by Matthew Bryce Larson (23). Mr Radnoty fell, hitting his head heavily on the tiled floor. He never regained consciousness and died in Dunedin Hospital later that day. Matthew had been celebrating the birth of his son by enjoying a few drinks. Oh how proud that boy will be of his dad. You would say that that boy shouldn’t have a dad anymore because he should be in prison for the rest of his life. But luckily for Matthew he was drunk and the killing wasn’t premeditated, so manslaughter, so Justice Lester Chisholm sentenced him in the High Court at Dunedin to only 3 years. The family of the victim has spoken. “He killed Steve and gets three years … That is ridiculous”. Coward Matthew could be free within 2 years and back raising havoc on the New Zealand streets. Matthew showed little emotion during the sentencing which “is not going to make anyone think twice”: Mrs Radnoty. We need more public outcry and maybe change the sentencing laws in this country. It’s too late for Mr Radnoty, but there will be more murderers who deserve longer punishments. Or a bullet.

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