A Pedo during extended supervision

Vomit bags ready. Glass of water and a mint. It’s time for another disgusting story involving a pedophile. We have, Shane Frederick Stoneham (26), a sick, psychiatric kiddyfucker but with a brilliant mind to fool even the best 24-hour supervision company and his electronic surveillance. This of course is possible because 24 hours is a bit too much to handle for the Corrections Department so they hired Community Connections Supported Living Trust. That means a secure house in Upper Hutt with supervision of trained staff. “We’re not really a prison and we don’t purport to be, we’re an organisation that assists people to rehabilitate and proceed into their (online) community successfully”. Thank you Trust executive director John Taylor. No problem you would think. Uhm yes problem. Our friend Dirty Shane was able to contact an underaged girl online, meet her, propose to her, get her into his bed, oh and she got to meet his probation officer. Of course she was dressed in her school uniform. Stoneham’s lawyer, Chris Tennet, told the Wellington District Court, his client had become besotted with the 13-year-old girl and believed she was of marriageable age. They were in a sexual relationship. How can this be? Back to Trust director Taylor to explain: “Our basic flaw was we experienced our job as sustaining him inside the community. We hadn’t genuinely believed to be the chance of him getting it another way around”. Crown lawyer Tom Gilbert was probably as amazed by this being able to happen as all of us. “He managed to get engaged to and have sex with a girl who was turning 14 while on the most restrictive type of extended supervision order”. When Shane was released in 2008, the Parole Board explained why this pervert was able to walk among us again: “His chance of return is really huge merely because he has no insight into his behaviour”. Please High Court get this man as far away from us but most of all from our children. Lock him up and throw away the key.


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