Convicted rapist in your home, is that ok?

Check this bizarre story. In 1997 John Clarke (a.k.a. John Connor) kidnapped and raped a 15-year-old schoolgirl from Lyttelton. He attacked, strangled her into unconsciousness and threatened to kill her. First time? No. Nine months earlier he attacked a 24-year-old woman and he was out on bail during the second attack. So convicted to 11 years jail. We turn our attention to One News. The year is 2007 and Clarke just fled his home detention in preparation to his release (not the first breach of home detention, he was recalled to prison in 2005). We love second chances. A psychological assessment in November 2007 recommended the Parole Board place Clarke on home detention as a useful bridge into the community. But of course he fled and One News filmed an interview and watched Clarke surrender himself at a Greymouth police station. Now jumping to last June. Clarke is not allowed contact with anyone under the age of 16. Seems fair. Of course the conditions are checked by probation staff from the Corrections Department. No way you can fool these guys. Well Clarke managed to get a job. Good on ya John. Rehabilitation to it’s max. Oeh a job as door-to-door salesman for a SkyTV subcontractor in Christchurch. He may have visited hundreds of homes in the city. Have a new SkyTV installed? Have young kids? Oops. Must inform Corrections Department. Oh wait they know already. Last December. They told Clarke ‘no, no’. But he ignored the order. Several times after then he met with parole officers but constantly denied working in that profession. With a track record like his there was no reason to doubt his statements so he could continue putting kids in danger. Community Probation Services (CPS) general manager Katrina Casey to The Press: “it is completely inappropriate for someone with his offending background to engage in any work that would bring him into contact with people under the age of 16”. SkyTV spokeswoman Kirsty Way: “Reference checks were done and the contractor had an email from the police saying his background was fine”. Clarke has now been dismissed and could face charges in court on Monday of breaching an extended supervision order. No inappropriate behavior has been reported. Lucky.


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  1. google this guy,
    he is a lowest of the low.
    John Thomas Albert Clarke who is still threatening woman and is targeting vulerable woman of dating webistes under several different names.

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