Olé, Barcelona

Barcelona. A vibrant city with a long history. Capital of the Catalan people ad home to one of the biggest sporting teams in the world. This summer it will also see the last of an old Spanish tradition. No more bulls will die for the amusement of the public. Although it are the Spanish matadors in the arena, the spectators are mostly tourists. On an average bullfighting evening four bulls find their death by the means of spears and swords. Drugged up and hungry they are let onto the ground to their certain death. So moralists all over the world stand up and cheer for the Catalan choice to ban this cruelty by January 2012. But hold on, let’s first ban the yummy battery caged chicken from the dinner table. Daily thousands of bulls, cows and other defenseless animals get slaughtered. Why is it that we only defend the animals that suffer in public? The mighty bulls in the ring at least get a chance to pierce their horns in the ass of one of those funny dressed stabfags. Animal activists might call bullfighting torture, but maybe Hamingway was right in calling it ‘art’.

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