Panel for $4400 a day

Let’s see what the status is on political favoritism and corresponding salaries. The No Right Turn blog has published papers obtained through the Official Information Act about a panel set up to monitor CERA. What do they say? Appointment of its members didn’t follow the official SSC guidelines. No advertisements, no interviews and no consultations. What would an ad for these positions say anyway: Wanted, moneyshark high earning ruletwister. A bit what you expected right. So where did these members come from? Not out of thin air of course. No they’re buddies of the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee. We have a former High Court Judge, Sir John Hansen, a Prime Minister, Jenny Shipley, the former chief executive of Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu, Anake Goodall, and the old chairman of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Commission, Murray Sherwin. Some good people for sure. Worth a few bucks? They sure are. Together they rake in $4400 a day. At the moment they’re doing that for only a few hours of work. The Cabinet Fees Framework states that the chairman should make between $360-$655 not $1400 and the members between $270-$415 not $1000. In the normal world we call this old fashioned stealing from the public. Making a buck over the backs of the Christchurch and New Zealand people. We love the fair and transparent political system. If only it worked well for who it’s intended to serve, the people.

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