Problem youth sucks Military Activity Camps

There ya go. All good intentions and everything, but another failure for a Social Development program. A released progress report on Fresh Start Youth Justice reforms shows youths involved in the Military Activity Camps (MAC) wipe their butts with the program. ‘Two bootcamp programmes have run; in 2009 and 2010, and 17 youths were on them in total. Figures provided to NZPA stated that of the 17, two had not reoffended while four were in jail’. You don’t go to these camps for fun so it’s understandable you don’t comply with the wished results. The whole program, worth $36,000 per participant, is full of facilities and recruiting staff of the Youth Development Unit under supervision of the NZ Army and Ministry of Social Development. Discipline and serious physical work. Can’t go wrong you would say. But even a program based on boot camps gets the finger from the young offenders. Fuck society. These childish imbeciles are laughing at us. Parasites eating the good out of all of us. Maybe these kids needed a program like this. It seems that for too many of these dickheads every cent spent is a waste. Sitting out their time and then returning back into their old asocial activities. Use the military camps to house them, lock them up and only give them minimum support, until they beg for forgiveness. Time for programs is over. Time for hard action.

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