Warzone Oslo

BOOM!!! A big explosion was the start of what looked like a urban war in Norwegian capital Oslo. Chaos and panic in the centre city and the small island of Utova, which houses a youthcamp. Instigator of this mayham is a Norwegian rightwing supporter, Anders Behring Breivik, dressed in police uniform. Body count currently stand on 80, most on the island. The camp was established under the current government from premier Jens Stoltenberg. It seems his building was also the target of the earlier carbomb. Anders has been arrested while holding a nice machinegun. According to CNN he killed some victim execution style, here shocking pic & more. Latest through the Norwegian TV2 LIVESTREAM.

Update: We now have 91 dead. Witnesses talking about a second shooter on the island Utøya. Anders Breivik is a Christian fundamentalist, has Twitter, Facebook, bomblab, gunlicenses for a Glock, machinegun and a shotgun.

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