Thai whores move from bananas to rhinos

Who doesn’t like a good looking Thai hooker. Who isn’t impressed with their ability to open a banana without using their hands or mouth. Unfortunately for them there isn’t always big money this and you will have to survive many 100 kilo, hairy, sweating Americans rolling around on top of you. One way of getting out of that is to go rhino poaching. But like the prostitution business this is also controlled by bad syndicates exploiting vulnerable women. So whats happening? South Africa has rhinos. Southeast Asia wants their horns. Something to do with medicinal value nonsense. But South Africa has tough laws against hunting the animals allowing only one kill, per person, per year. So to get around this the poachers get in the Thai banana magicians and when questioned they’re the ones who shot the rhino. Sad. Both for the girls and the animals (we mean the rhino animals not the poachers). According to the government already 200 rhinos have been killed this year. Greed destroys lives. All we have to say.


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