The GodHatesFags family we hate too

Funny Louis Theroux. A BBC star with some great interviews. In 2007 he visited the Westboro Baptist Church in America and showed us they’re the biggest idiots in the world. But they’re allowed to because of the holy First Amendment, freedom of speech. So they’re free to scream out their stupid, shortsighted and offensive ideas. They picket funerals of American Soldiers who died in Iraq. That of course happens because the USofA tolerates gays. Or something like that. Of course they never forget their even more ridiculous banners stating how God hates Fags and how Jews and basically every one else will burn in hell. TV One aired Louis return to the most hated family last night. A great view in the mind of some of the worst Kristiandogs. We of course appreciate the freedom of speech, but not if it causes earcancer because of the bullshit.


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