Stop stealing our money Dickhead

Meet Dickhead. Dickhead is 15. Dickhead didn’t finish school, but there is nothing wrong with him. Dickhead doesn’t have a job. Obviously. Dickhead also lives with a girl and with as many kids his dickhead can take. Dickhead receives a benefit. Congratulations Dickhead. Shit for you though, hard working New Zealander. Dickhead hates working and thinks you should do that for him. Other Dickheads are following Dickhead’s example. This is why the Sunday Star Times and Sunday News have written an article about Dickheads. Dickheads perceive they’ll get a girl pregnant, she‘ll have a benefit, she’ll get a house, Dickhead moves in, income sorted. Of course Dickhead knows, the more kids, the more income. Dickhead puts New Zealand second on the list of highest rate of teen births. Thank you Dickhead. Way to go to put New Zealand on the map. Hope you enjoy this post on your new laptop, that working New Zealanders paid for. Don’t forget to play the latest game on your PS3 on your 100 inch LCD tv, that working New Zealanders paid for. But you don’t need this kind of advice. No Dickhead knows exactly how to misuse the system. Dickhead.


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