Hello? UN? Forgotten about Syria?

Now a post aimed at the highest regions of the United Nations leadership. Can we finally start throwing some bombs on Syria. Why Libya and not Syria? Oil maybe or the ties with other oil nations? Everybody knows and can see how criminal the Syrian regime is. Anders Breivik should have stormed into a Syrian governmental building and started shooting there. Fact is Kadaffi can learn a thing or two from the Assad family. Before the current president Bashar started butchering his own people, his father once murdered a complete village of opposition types. Like we know the international community looked, sat back and continued making friends with retarted dictators. No, destroying Libyan towns already bombarded makes way more sense. Just let Assad Jr continue to systematically exterminate people with a different opinion.

Update: UN Security Council just condemned the action by the Syrian government. So that means nothing. No resolution. No action. About 1700 non violent protesters have found their death and a lot more will follow.


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