Obama to get help from Abraham?

1,100 Barack Obama 50th birthday parties took place around the USA yesterday. Were they really celebrating the presidents 50th or the close escape from the country defaulting. Obama is back in Michigan and started in Chicago to raise funds for his re-election next year. A lot of people might ask for money on their birthday but not in the millions like needed for an election campaign. Obama appeared on live online video broadcast at the events. He talked about saving jobs with a auto industry bailout and the progress on healthcare reforms. Busy man. The cops might have bashed the Hells Angels 50th last month in Auckland, for Obama it’s the Tea party and immigrant rights activist ready to rally against the old man. The Tea Part of course against almost everything he does and the activists want to argue the record number of deportations of undocumented immigrants under Obama’s watch. On his actual birthday on August 4, Obama will host a gathering for a couple hundred guests in the Rose Garden. Btw Michelle what is Barack’s birthday wish?

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