Take off face veils

Everyone has had time to make up their mind about the Muslim veils. The burqa is ugly, dangerous fundamentalist wear and degrading. Or nice and warm, a great new fashion trend, did we say warm? It is always good to hear a voice out of the Muslim community itself. We introduce to you Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Smart guy currently visiting New Zealand with a message about anti-extremism and tolerance. How nice. He has had some good things to say in the past. He issued a fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombing. What does the Doctor, and professor of Islamic law, have to say in the current burqa debate? “For women living here, it’s not a Koranic obligation. They should follow the law of the land” Tahir-ul-Qadri told the Sunday Star-Times. Is it really always a free choice of the women involved? Regina Rasheed said it was a personal choice and it should be respected. Tahir-ul-Qadri stated that face-veils were used in the Muslim world where women were harassed and felt uneasy. “Women [in New Zealand] do not feel uneasy.” It appears this debate has surfaced because the New Zealand community is starting to feel uneasy. Does that count for anything? It will be a long time before the end of the discussion, but in the meantime we have a trendy modern Burqa hair pin. A way of tackeling all the problems. On the front a modern women (whore), and on the back a Muslim sister (suppressed victim). Problem solved. Now get on the bus and drive.


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