Civil War in London

Third night of violence in London. Started in multicultural happy suburb Tottenham. Everyone, white, black, yellow, burqa, skinhead all stood together to let the cops know what they thought by throwing a few molotov cocktails through the windows. All justified by the fact that the cops shot dead the 29-year-old Mark Duggan. You understand that Mark was a sweetheart who never hurt anyone and completely innocent, maybe with a few minor incidents on his record. This has now resulted in three days of violence, fires, lootings, injured cops, arrests and a terrified BBC after they got attacked in the No-go zone. The warzone has now extended to the areas Wood GreenWalthamstowPeckhamEnfield Town, EalingChingford MountPonders EndDalston KingslandDenmark HillChelseaIslingtonOxford CircusBrixtonStreathamBatterseaCroydonHackneyLewishamWoolwichClapham JunctionNewhamCamden. BBC provides us with a map and timeline. It seems the upper-class bimbos who normally just shit over the common people are also threatened by problems at the bottom of their ivory towers as riots have started in central London. So we currently have over 215 rioters arrested and 35 bobbies dragged off the battlefields. Cops from all over the country have come to help. Mayor, minister and Prime minister all back from holiday for the action. Don’t forget we have the Olympics here in a little while. So the deputy mayor was quick to respond saying London is “one of the safest places on earth“. More than enough time to make these frustrated youths (some as young as seven) regain their self-esteem and look past the discrimination by the white upper-class. So is it really still only riots or are we seeing an English Summer revolution starting. Wackjob dictator Gaddafi from Libya supports the freedomfighters, ‘UK regime mislabelling rebels as rioters’. Might want to get the UN to look into the situation. That’s it for now, but not after we turn your attention to livestreams from BBC and The Guardian, BIG pics from, Old angry lady, Google riot map, Wiki entry and some more before & after pics.


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  1. Thank you for a great post.

  2. Why is it I all the time feel like you do?

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