North Korea gaming capital

We really need to watch that Kim Jong Il. He is way smarter than we think. Screw sanctions. Suppress your people and make money online. Dictator goes digital. Revealed on Vanity Fair, that smart Asian computernerds are helping Kim with his online money machine. Dungeons and Dragons to gold farm dough for his nuclear aspirations. Unmanned computers generate as much in-game credits and then sell these on illegal forums where game horny Goths buy them for enormous amounts. These sad gamers don’t even know what they’re doing. Locked up in their room they have no idea what they’re doing to the real world. This scheme was set up by the hackers of Office 39. A great name for a game or blockbuster movie. They use illegal investments, forgeries and drugs to keep Kim in power and thanks to D&D addicted nerdboys suppression and torture stay alive in this Asian country.

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