Help the DCC loose some weight

Participation topic! As you know the Dunedin City Council is having to tighten its belt because of a $8 million hole in the annual budget from next year. Take a minute to absorb the following story and come up with your own input. The drop in dividends come from the Dunedin City Holdings Ltd ($5m) and the Dunedin Venues Management Ltd ($3m). Earnings are lower than the costs. Pretty straight forward. We also have an ambitious council looking at a list of projects to stop or delay, like the Otago Settlers Museum and Dunedin Centre/Town Hall upgrades and the redevelopment of Logan Park. Another idea is more loans or longer payback periods. Normally you can talk about it for an evening and then start crossing out projects or unnecessary staff. But we are talking about a council here and that means we will need an expensive external assessor to look at possible capital spending savings , we need a new consultative procedure and at least three weeks. We do like the public consultation idea put forth by Mr Stephens. The council does seem to need our help. It’s hard to not spend more than you earn. Maybe stop with contributions to bottomless pit projects. We should just let the local deli owner do his thing on the back of the cross puzzle. That will undoubtedly bring forth way more efficient plans and will definitely be way cheaper. If you have any idea where we can trim off some fat let us or the council know. We have Greece, Italy, Spain and France to show us what happens when we don’t.


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