Qantas provides orgasms in the sky

Don’t you hate it, getting comfortable in your seat with legroom just big enough for your little toe, crying kid behind you, armrest hogger next to you and the dry cold air all around you or some of these other annoying habits. Luckily there is the in-flight entertainment. Filled with outdated movies, two episodes of a series you actually wanna watch. But there is one airline that has given its passengers something to look out for if their holiday really sucked. Qantas is providing the documentary ‘The Female Orgasm Explained’. It is the most popular item on the in-flight system at the moment. Some horny travelers you are. Or is it a good thing that we finally get educated about the female orgasm. Because of its success Qantas will keep the movie, explaining everything by old pornflix, drawings and sound effects, in its assortment till November. Just turn on the auto-pilot and sit back up there in the cockpit. And if you do choose good old AirNZ you will be greeted by a cabin crew member in one of these new outfits.


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