Lapse of justice

The convicted bag snatcher who ended the life of one of his victims is going to get a second change on freedom. This after Christopher Jacob Junior Shadrock (24) snatched the handbag off Joanne Wang in Manukau in June 2008. Little crime up to here. Ms Wang made the mistake of chasing after Shadrock in his stolen four-wheel-drive. He backed away but then chose to hit the gas and ran into her to get away. Nothing was blocking his path behind him, but he chose the option that eventually killed his victim in front of her 8-year-old son. Lets not forget Maka Tuikolovatu (21), Lionel Tekanawa (23), Vila Lemanu (25), Mateni Lynch (20), and Terence Tere (22) who helped Shadrock get rid of the handbag and burn the stolen vehicle after the fact. Back to Shadrock himself. Last year he was sentenced to life with a minimum non-parole period of 12 years by the Auckland High Court. But like any innocent murderer would do he went to the Court of Appeal. They decided yesterday that the case has to go back to the High Court for a retrial. Why? Lapse of justice? The court suppressed their reasons. So back for another round of victim impact statements, conflicting accounts and let’s hope we get to see that gorilla movie again.


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  1. Effectively stated & with wonderful timing

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