Nationals ‘radical overhaul’ plan

Get off your ass and work. Stop playing Xbox and get to school. No more alcohol for you, here is a food stamp. Maybe it was the London riots, we don’t know. But National has presented their plans on welfare benefits and to get youths reconnected with effective training programmes. The problems they want to counter are the between 8500 and 13,500 16-17 year old not in school or a job, and the 90% of them going onto a benefit when they turn 18. A good start is taking money we give them out of their greedy little hands. National wants to pay their essential bills directly and only give them a payment card for food and clothing. No more alcohol and cigarettes or LCD flatscreen for you. Teenage mothers need to get back into training to find a job as quick as possible. This is not appreciated by Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei, as she told The Press. No we need breastfeeding and maternal bonding. Sole parents need support and encouragement. Encouragement is the reason we have these problems to begin with. How about not getting pregnant before you have a solid education? Take those benefits away and use it only on those who need it and deserve it. Unfortunately the plans were only announced by PM Key at the annual conference of the Nationals and we will only have to see if they can turn it into real policy.


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