Social-apologists should be ashamed

We can always rely on the Sensible Sentencing Trust to explain crime levels, dealing with crime and the reasons behind it. Spokesman Garth McVicar even had something to say about what fuelled the London riots. The liberal social welfare system is turning unwanted, unloved and undisciplined children into feral hoodlums according to McVicar. This unbridled social welfare causes riots and is destroying much of the western world. Throwing money at these burdens of society will only feed and spread the disease. Social-apologists are to blame for the writhing cesspool of inhumanity. He warns New Zealand that, like in the UK, kids breeding kids, dysfunctional families and no way for parents to discipline their children, can create the lawlessness on the streets we have seen. McVicar ends: “The social-apologists should be ashamed of themselves.” Damn right.

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  1. Great Post! Thanks for giving detailed description about blog.

  2. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  3. Wow! That’s an remarkable slant.

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