Free speech covers lewd schoolgirl pics

Our Facebook freedom is once again re-affirmed. A federal judge in Indiana, USA has ruled that the Churubusco high school principal was wrong to punish two girls for posting slumber party pics. Good on ya horny judge. Check the blockquotes on this site to see a description of the pics. The sexual deviant girls shot the pics during the summer and were ratted out to their principal. He on his turn suspended the girls from all extracurricular activities for a year. So no cheerleading either for these princesses. The leftist, secular-progressive organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, supported the girls and the case came to court. There judge Philip Smith ruled in the girls favour (and probably kept a copy of the pics for his chamber) and that the principals reaction was against their First Amendment right. He did agree the pics were a slutty freedom of speech, but ‘a school’s well-intentioned but unconstitutional punishment of that speech would be all the more regrettable’. So as stated on Gawker: ‘Leave it to a 224 year-old document drawn up by old white men to have the most sensible take on 21st century teen girl sexual mores’. PDF of the judge’s decision.

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