Community work offender rapes girl

Yo, again a mistake from an offender serving a sentence of community work. The aim of course is to get criminals back into the community as quick as possible. Even if that means he gets to stick his dick into a young member of that community. Since everybody deserves a second, third, fourth or even fifth chance we shouldn’t be too hard on him. There is always a chance things go wrong but luckily the Community Probation Service wasn’t at fault this time. CPS manager Heather Mackie told the Waikato Times “The placement of this offender was appropriate given the nature of his offending and his offending history”. In July last year, Logan Pearce (21), was sentenced to 300 hours’ community work at a voluntary organisation in Hamilton for dishonesty offending. At the time he was on bail for an aggravated robbery he was later convicted and jailed for. Pearce came in contact with a shy polite schoolgirl who volunteered at the organisation. He was left unsupervised twice and on the first occasion he began sexually explicit conversation with the girl and started making advances. Second time, again unsupervised, he forced the girl to the ground and raped her. She was probably dressed to provocatively so it really wasn’t his fault. Pearce, the tough cool man he is, denied the crime and said the sex was consensual. Luckily Hamilton District Court Judge Merelina Burnett sentenced Pearce to 7½ years in prison. But like we said before he should get another chance, so he is eligible for parole in 3½ years. His placement was “appropriate given the nature of his offending and his offending history”. That will probably be the case next time too.


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  1. It is amazing that the justice system just keeps putting these people back out into the community to offend again. Seriously, what is going to be his next big move? Murder? He already murdered that poor girl’s spirit. My heart breaks for her. I hope that she has a good support system to help her through this.

    Lucky Star

    • It is sad that the system chooses the side of the offender over the victim too often. There has to be a limit to what a person can get away with. Let’s hope we can get better support for victims of all crimes.

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